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Latest News
NEWS - Nov 2015
This year has seen the re release of 2 important albums from my past as well as a host of new projects underway !

The Brigand's song (‪Cântec haiducesc‬)
Featuring Albert Buga on vocals this is a traditional Romanian folk song which will form the heart of my new album project - (working title 'Myristica and the mothership')
The Brigand's song is available now as a FREE download ! ( pay if you like !! )

Here is a little insight on the meaning of the Lyrics -
"Arde-mi-te-ai" is an exclamation that cannot be translated exactly, it's somewhat melancolical. The singer is addressing himself to the woods, speaking to them. "Ardemiteai, codru des" ......exclamation - thick forest, you can see, it's been decided, that I would not find my way out of you.." That's the first verse. The second verse says c-am intrat copil blajin, s-Acuma-s mosneag batran. "I went inside as a young boy, and now, now I am an old man.." It talks about the love for the forest.

REJUVENATION : beyond the edge of dreams

This album takes up the musical themes and soundscapes from my first album for NWM Ltd 'Edge of Dreams' released back in 1986.
'Rejuvenation' takes a deeper exploration in to the world beyond the edge of dreams !
Soothing harps, a haunting Oboe and gentle textural soundscapes combine to create a melodic tapestry which takes you on a constantly evolving musical journey which will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed.

NEXUS TRIBAL is now available via New World Music Ltd
they are doing a major promotion of the album in France which will feature new artwork and a new title !! - the music remains the same of course but this special 'French' release will be called 'TRIBALE'

INITIATION has been re released by New World Music Ltd

The music as been digitally remastered creating a very 'transparent' and clear new sound and the album features new artwork !
Original sleeve notes by Carmen Willcox ( released in 1990 )
Authentic and powerful, Initiation weaves the haunting voice of whales and birds into the strong, mellow dream world of the Didgeridoo.
From the fascinating and earthy sounds of this most basic of natural instruments to the superb complexity of modern keyboards, we are enmeshed in a world of imagination. Time and daily concepts lose themselves as this beguiling music works its spell - enchanting, captivating and transforming the listener.
This is a genuinely unforgettable venture deep into the realm of a spiritual initiation.
JAN 2014
Happy new year !

2013 saw the release of my new album 'Visions of Tibet' the long awaited follow up to 'Tibetan Meditation' released in 2003!

Visions of Tibet

The second half of 2013 was a very busy time with many new projects started including a new album inspired by my first solo release with New World Music Ltd and a new collaboration with 'Myristica'.

Work continues with the 'Precisionsound' sample sets - the latest addition, a collection of 500+ analog SFX samples will be ready for release early in the new year.

RICH OM and THE MOTHERSHIP a new collaboration with Rich Om from the Psychedelic Warlords. 2 tracks have already been released and can be found on my 'Bandcamp' page -

The EXPANDIS album is coming together alongside 'expandizine' video blogs on youtube -

Here is a sneak preview of one of the new 'Expandis' tracks !

I also found myself involved in reviving 'STALLION' a Progressive rock group I was part of back in the early 70's!! As well as re releasing our first album 'The Hard Life' we have also played a one off gig which has resulted in some great live recordings ....

Please visit my 'soundcloud' page for a sneak preview !

June 2013
Visions of Tibet The long awaited follow up to Tibetan Meditation is due out within the next few weeks.

Inspired by the very distinctive culture and music of Tibet. The pure sounds of singing bowls and temple bells are joined by the raw power of the Dong - Chen (Tibetan Horn).

Powerful rhythms, chanting monks and a rich tapestry of ethnic and electronic sounds take you on a journey deep into the heart of Tibet.

May 2013
Myristica's new album 'Little Oak' will be released on the 1st of May.
The Album was co-produced with Phil Thornton and features guest performances from Phil on Recorder, Guitar and Accordion.

Expandis Live
Big thanks to all who came to the RISE launch party. Next gig Expandis are supporting the Psychedelic Warlords on the 17th May at The Carlisle, Hastings.

March 2013
RISE - release date Sunday 31st March ( Easter Sunday )!

We will be having a launch party on the day at the Carlisle pub on Hastings seafront - its FREE entry to all and will include an Expandis live performance !

December 2012
Seasonal Bundle Nexus Tribal & Tribal Spirit available together for a limited period.

£10 for Nexus Tribal & Tribal Spirit CD's


Nexus Tribal features the song 'BAY CITY SHIMMY (fat chance mix)' which was used in the ATS Flash Mob World wide project earlier this year.

November 2012
Analog Performer Uptempo & Downtempo - New toolkits for adding that special spiky blip sound to your music

Both sets feature the unique analog sounds of the Korg MS-20 and Moog Source synthesisers. Using Phil's personal collection of vintage gear, the library is a sonic exploration of the MS-20's dual filter, through intricate rhythms and live performances. Driven by a Korg SQ-10 analog sequencer and MS- 50 modular expander, the sound of the MS-20 is complemented by powerful Moog tones, Korg Electribe drum machines, and a Korg Wavestation synthesiser.

Analog Performer 1: Uptempo
10 suites of multitrack loops, between 8-16 bars, at tempos from 90-135bpm. It contains:

123 ACID wav format loops (402MB total)
Sliced versions of 102 loops in Apple Loops, Stylus RMX, and REX formats
40 demonstration mixes/music beds in ACID wav format (225MB total)
44.1kHz/24-bit audio throughout

Click here to listen to sample tracks & order online
Analog Performer 2: Downtempo
10 suites of eight-bar multitrack loops, at tempos from 65-90bpm. It contains:

140 ACID wav format loops (543MB total)
Sliced versions of 111 loops in Apple Loops, Stylus RMX, and REX formats
40 demonstration mixes/music beds in ACID wav format (257MB total)
44.1kHz/24-bit audio throughout

Click here to listen to sample tracks & order online

October 2012
ATS Flash Mob & Expandis 'Flying' album

Flying by Expandis

This is my first solo album (1983) its under the 'Expandis' banner to make sure it is not confused with my 1987 album of the same name. A digitally remastered and restored version with a new bonus track featuring Terry Pack on fretless bass.

Available to buy online

CDbaby -

Itunes -
ATS Flash Mob World Wide

A Global Phenomenon Dancing in a language that crosses all boarders.

The song - Bay City Shimmy
The place - Somewhere near you
The time - Saturday October 13th
The dance - ATS improvisation

August 2012
Special Limited Edition DVD - A Global Voyage

A video compilation from the Stories of the World programme, an official part of the Cultural Olympiad for the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Part of the global gathering exhibition at Bexhill Museum and Brighton and Hove Museum.

50% of the profits are being donated to Bexhill Museum from each DVD.

Featured videos

2 - QANUN TAQSIM      View on YouTube
8 - MILES AWAY     View on YouTube

Buy online here £8 + P&P

June 2012
Music Update!

The "Miles away' youtube video has now been watched 100 000+ well done to Blue dot Music.

Rare video footage shot at the Shoton Festival, Drepung Monastery, Lhasa, Tibet August 2005. A hugh Thangka painting of the Buddha is unfurled on the mountainside as thousands of pilgrims and locals partake of the festivites .This is the first time this rare video footage has been seen.

The music is by our much acclaimed composer Phil Thornton and is taken from his album 'Eastern Moments'. Music samples from the album can be hear on the blue dot website:

Bay city Shimmy - ( Beginners guide to bellydance version) available on iTunes
Bay city Shimmy - the beginners guide to bellydance version

Awakening Spirit Awakening Spirit - is now available as a single on iTunes Buddha on the beach 2 Summer Chillout Buddha on the beach 2 Summer Chillout

Expandis - will be performing at 'The big event' in Brighton Sat 9th June

The Big Event Brighton 9th June 2012

March 2012
New Music !

'Rock the Tabla' and 'Bellydance For Fitness And Fun' now available directly from the shop. Click here to order.

At last I have made time to get in the studio and start working on new music!
Projects now under way include a new 'Egypt' album in collaboration with Hossam Ramzy, the long awaited follow up to 'Nexus Tribal' and brand new 'Expandis' songs!

Other news - ARC Ltd will soon be re-releasing Dalinda's album 'Turquoise' this new version will be titled 'Songs from Libya' and will feature 2 new remixes one by 'Mandragora' and the other by 'Earthdance'.

In the meantime here are a couple more free downloads.

Duma sa Duma - free download

Short taster version from the album 'Nexus Tribal'.
baycityshimmy Timeless passion - free download

Short taster version from the album Angelic Harmony.

Fire Queen - free download

Title track from the album released by New World Music in 1991
(Fire Queen is available as a download on iTunes etc.)
baycityshimmy Spindizzy- free download

This is a short 'taster' version from the fothcoming Expandis album 'Flying' originally released in 1983!!
Featuring lots of multilayered Moog synthesiser.

January 2012
Happy new year!

I've posted some new free downloads to celebrate the new year

Bay City Shimmy - Fat Chance mix (short version) From the album 'Nexus Tribal'. baycityshimmy Hurts me (bonus track) From forthcoming album release 'The complete home Expandis'. hurtsme
Beachcombing (bonus track) From forthcoming album release 'Flying'. beachcombing I don't mind the noize (short version) A three and a half minute edit from 'The complete home Expandis'. I dont mind the noize
New singles available for download

Bay city shimmy available for the first time as a download. This is the original version taken from the compilation album 'The beginners guide to bellydance'. baycityshimmy Yamma Jatta (Broadoak Mix). baycityshimmy

November 2011
Rock the Tabla

A unique collaboration featuring some of the worlds most highly respected musicians.

This project is an exploration in music featuring some of the artists Hossam Ramzy has come to love and be inspired by, including Billy Cobham, A.R. Rahman, Omar Faruk Tekbilek, Manu Katché, Joji Hirota, Phil Thornton and many others.

Rock the Tabla is a highly creative fusion of styles with a vast and multifaceted layer of depth and colour. All of course with that inevitable swing you would expect from Egypt's Ambassador of Rhythm.

October 2011
Bellydance For Fitness And Fun

This album features a new exclusive track 'the tower of babel' as well as a special remix of 'Immortal Egypt'. In addition to this, many of the tracks on this compilation have new arrangements suitable for group choreographies such as 'American Tribal Style' as well as solo improvisation. This album features a new exclusive track 'the tower of babel' as well as a special remix of 'Immortal Egypt'. In addition to this, many of the tracks on this compilation have new arrangements suitable for group choreographies such as 'American Tribal Style'as well as solo improvisation.

September 2011

Yamma Jatta (Broadoak Mix) - New Single released !

This is a new mix produced with Harvey Summers it is available now on iTunes. The result of a collaboration with musicians and singers from the Jolla tribe in the Gambia.

The original Gambian recordings were released on the XamXam - HamHam album.

August 2011

Expandis - New Single released !

The Expandis revival kicks off with a cover of the Pink Floyd classic first released in 1968. This version features a typical Expandis take on Psychedelia complete with a slightly disturbing video..

Expandis: Set the Controls For the Heart of the Sun

July 2011

Tribal Spirit out now

June 2011


A New collaboration with 'Helm' from San Francisco will be released on the 29th July.

The album will feature 2 special 'Fat Chance' mixes of tracks from Nexus Tribal.

Produced in collaboration with Carolena Nericcio

April 2011

FUTURE WORLD PARTY- an 'Expandis' revival !!

Expandis Live with The Bad Mutha Funkers and Guest DJ's
Friday 13th May 2011 at The Carlisle, Hastings, TN34 1PE
£5.00 in advance.

January 2011


Following the huge success of the previous albums "Eternal Egypt", "Immortal Egypt" and "Enchanted Egypt", Hossam Ramzy and Phil Thornton created "EGYPT UNVEILED", crowning the trilogy...

A magnificent album, echoing the majesty of the pyramids and revealing the mystery of Egypt in a 21st century guise.

This is a SPECIAL EDITION of the album where Hossam has created an outer designed sleeve, which is only available from plus, each album you buy, will be autographed by Hossam. BUY ONE NOW
Click Here for the SPECIAL EDITION priced £7.50 + VAT, P & P