XamXam and Gambian percussionist Musa Mboob is one of my longest running clients. My work for them has included running their website, making videos, photography, graphic design and marketing.


I first worked with Musa when he needed to finish off putting together the artwork for his Chosen album. We worked well together and became good friends over the years since then. After that I helped him set up the website musamboob.com and worked with him to secure funding from the South East Arts Council to take a number of musician to his homeland Gambia. While there I documented the trip and created a number of videos based on the project.

After the project we set up the band XamXam to perform the music created on the project and continue the work done in Gambia. I created the website


, myspace, facebook, twitter and youtube profiles.

Since then I have been their official photographer and video maker, working on live and promo videos. As well as creating their artwork for their albums.